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Single Channel Amplifier with Switching Power Supply
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    Output Topology structure


    Modulation methodAnalogue input ,PWM 
    Output power



    S/N>110dB(full power)A-weighty
    Frequency Response<+/-1.5dB20~20kHz@8Ω
    Minimum Load Impedance

    Bridge mode
    Power supply 110V/220V AC 50/60Hz±20%
    Quiescent power dissipation<20w 
    External dimension132 x 135 x 60mm 

    General Description

    Powered Digital Amplifier Module Series of Shenzhen Bao Ye Heng  Co., Ltd are mainly designed for the competitive audio power amplifier market and the powered speaker market. It features with low cost, good sound, high effeciency and reliability. Perfect protection functions and favorable EMC help your products in quick occupation into the market.

    Applications include:

    1. Powered speakers and Subwoofers

    2. Professional Audio

    3. Public Address systems

    4. High-end stereo and multi-channel amplifiers

    Brief Theory Introduction

    The Powered Digital Amplifier Module of Shenzhen Bao Ye Heng Industrial Development Co., Ltd is composed of digital amplifier module in high efficiency and excellent sound, and switch power supply with high peak power, low electromagnetic interference. The module provides various protecting functions for itself and speakers.

    The amplifier adopts patented digital audio processing technology, it has the below advantages:

    Self-adaptive erasing noise and distortion

    High stability and reliability

    Favorable electromagnetic compatibility

    Low idle current, high efficiency

    Half bridge structure, imbalance output, can be bridged

    Second-order Butterworth low pass filter

    Power supply is high efficiency switch mode power supply, it has the below advantages:

    Soft switch technology

    Peak output power vs continuous output power is up to 3:1

    Low EMI frequency modulated oscillator

    Perfect protection features and automatic restart

    110VAC and 220VAC selectable

    Other features

    Over heat protection

    Thermal output power control

    Long term output power control

    Output short-circuit, overload protection

    Output DC protection

    Amplifier under-voltage protection

    Temperature controlled fan interface


    Faulty indicate

    Mains power selectable

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