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The Forth Consecutive Attandance of C-MARK in ISE

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As an old Chinese Saying goes: A timely snow promises a good harvest. The heavy snow happened to Amsterdam on early February builts a splendid view and gives a special welcome to the honoured guests from China.

The well-known 14th Integrated Systems Europe(short for ISE) held as scheduled. Although it's bitterly cold and snow-capped outside, but visitors are passionated and enthusiastic, almost 70000 oversea visitors have attended this show to have face-to-face discussion with over 1100 exhibitors. Our company Bao Ye Heng Company and our C-MARK Brand has our forth appearance in this show, together with the leading 3rd generation network digital sound system, to communicate with international counterparts, new and old friends.

The slogan of ISE show defines that, connect and communication has become the major trend. Bao Ye Heng Company has dedicated in the R&D and manufacturing of network digital pro audio equipments, aiming to make the connection and communication more flexible and higher efficiency with network digital sound system. We've been public listed in 2016 and certified as National High-tech Enterprise and Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise. The 3rd generation network digital sound system has been applied in many applications, provides more flexible and convenient solutions.

Our digital mixer is attractive with it's unique appearance design, networkable, multifunctional and operability features. It realize the remote control through IPAD APP CI12 and CI24.

The C-MARK EOE System which was design for smart building is another attracting point to worldwide system integrators. It realize the transmission of 48KHz/24Bit digital audio signal and power supply in one CAT5/6 cable, makes the wiring simple and flexible.

Network Audio has become the major audio connection. The research from international authority shows that network audio solution with DANTE protocol has lead the list and gain 79% project market. C-MARK has paid close attention to the development of audio market and be the first to drawn DANTE protocol into China few years ago and applied in pro audio products. Now we have finished our complete DANTE Netowork Digital Sound System solution, including DANTE Powered Speaker, DANTE Network Digital Amplifier, DANTE Network Digital Processor etc.