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Bao Ye Heng Shining at 2012 Winter Namm

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2012 Winter NAMM show has been successfully held from 19th to 22nd January. Like the cloudy and raining weather is quite different from famous California sunshine before, this show has quite different from previous ones too. Digital music and audio products have played dominant roles in their respective fields while more and more users have been quite familiar with digital and software operation and enjoying the great benefits digital products have brought to them.
Bao Ye Heng digital audio products have beome one of the most outstandings shining at the show, especially its digital mixer. Numerous visitors have attracted by its beautiful unique outlook design, many professionals have been in fond of its convenient operation, and many dealers have been quite interested in representing it. Bao Ye Heng’s other digital audio products like digital power amplifiers, network audio systems and digital powered speakers have got a lot of interests too as usual.
During the show Chinese New Year was arrived on Jan 22nd. To welcome new year, Bao Ye Heng team had a specially barbecue dinner. All the delicious american steaks and the flushed charcoal fire were blessing a hot and prosperous new year is coming up.