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Bao Ye Heng as group leader unit for industry standard drafting of Chinese professional Class D amp

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On November 26, 2010, the “first drafting group conference of 2010-2628T-SJ professional Class D amplifier efficiency industry standard specified by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology”, which was directed by China Audio Industry Association and organized by Shenzhen Bao YE Heng Industrial Development Co., Ltd, was held in Shenzhen Shanghai Hotel. During the conference, Bao Ye Heng Corporation was nominated as the group leader unit; Mr. Wang Haiping, technical director of Bao Ye Heng, was nominated as the drafting group leader; and vice-general manager of Bao Ye Heng Dr. Zhou Qilin was honored as an expert in the professional field..

In the meeting, General Manager of Bao YE Heng Mr. Zhou Baoning delivered the welcoming remarks, and Mr. Wang Haiping and Dr. Zhou Qilin gave a report on the research of drafting industry standard and industry application. Heated discussion was aroused among the drafting group units. By integrating the advantageous industry resources, the meeting aims at defining the standard to be well recognized, workable, and practical, with the average efficiency able to lead, regulate and promote the development of the industry, which will be raised as a national standard after continuous improvement. In the meeting, Deputy Secretary-General of China Audio Industry Association Mr. Huang Wei awarded power of attorney and expert certificates to the participants.

Over the past years, Bao Ye Heng has gained lots of experience in the high-tech field of digital sound system after remitting exploration, research and development. In the operation of market, high-tech digital sound equipment of Bao Ye Heng has been viewed favorably by experts and users in the pro audio industry both inside and outside China. Therefore, the honor of being nominated as drafting group leader unit by China Audio Industry Association is an embodiment of Bao Ye Heng’s authority, specialty, and advancement in the research and development of pro audio industry.